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Mrs INDIA IDENTITY | Beauty Pageant | Mrs. India Pageant

Posted 23 Jan 2019 | Hits: 239
Country: India
State/Region: Delhi-NCR
City: New Delhi
Locality: India,Delhi,New Delhi
Ad Type: Offering
Beauty Pageant is different from them as we look over the self-confidence, achievements, and attitude of a married woman, the woman achievers are our priority to be praised for their efforts, dedication and hard work.

Mrs INDIA - MY IDENTITY is a life-changing transformational journey which can make you a true shining star in your life with a shift in limiting beliefs and overall personality enhancement. This revolutionary beauty pageant does not confine the realms of beauty to that which is visible to the naked eye and focuses on recognizing all the qualities which contribute to the beauty of a woman.

If you are a woman with progressive thinking, empathy, passion, and zest to be a change maker, then this platform is for you. The transformation journey would be a break-through an eye-opener for you. You would be equipped with a sense of direction and clarity in life, which would enable you to optimize your life and be a role model for many.

Through focussed mentoring and most practical techniques, our expert board members work on helping the participants to enhance the inner beauty and strengthen the mind and emotions, and help them overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears, which then reflects outside as confidence and eventually the beauty.

The strength of women shapes the destiny of the family, society, country as well as the world at large. With years of dedication, we have helped build confidence of many women and helped them overcome their limitations and fears and helped them get control of their lives from autopilot mode to active mode. We train women to change their state of mind from distress to that of wellbeing, from victim to victor, from misery to happiness and enhance their capabilities to help them make immense progress in personal and professional life. This life-changing journey is a must for every woman, to make a comeback in the real world with real confidence and true beauty.

We aim to Encourage, Support and Empower women by giving them the necessary tools and techniques to overcome any obstacles of the past, present or future, to become the best possible version of themselves and create the life they aspire.

If You want to take the Steering of your Life in your hands, and become Unstoppable in Leading Your Life towards Happiness and be the Positive force in your family, country and the world, this Pageant is your first Step to discover and harness Your true potential.

Contact us : 8800535262
Website : http://mrsindiaidentity.com/

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